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Your product is the best in the marketplace, but without stylish packaging how will it stand out from the crowd? Appearance matters. Which is why packaging plays an ever more important role in a well-developed marketing strategy. Etiglia’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm make us your first choice for printing all your labels and cardboard packaging.

Part of Boone-Roosens and the Graphius group

Labels and cardboard packaging

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Consistent colours, sound formats

The name Etiglia is a contraction of the Italian words etichetta (label) and bottiglia (bottle). It embodies the qualities of the sophisticated and extensive range of products rolling off our presses. Our company is a department of Boone-Roosens, under the Graphius umbrella. We have bases in Brussels and in Ghent. That means we are always close to you. |

Etiglia owns a private label division and a cardboard department. We have everything in-house to provide fully finished products. Our knowhow and powerful machinery allows us to develop and produce – always in consultation with you – any kind of packaging: folding boxes, display boxes, presentation boxes, sleeves, POS materials, gift packaging, etc. 

Etiglia offers you the possibility of ordering your labels and packaging online. Our online module contains a useful overview of all current orders, the available stock and a complete history of each label or packaging order. We have also created a handy tool that generates images of your order – a digital preview to show your finished product before it has been produced!

Etiglia is a label-printer and packaging producer that matches colours in every single delivery, guarantees consistent label size, provides technical support on-site and thinks about solutions to improve your productivity.
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Our strengths

  • Consistent colours

  • Almost non-existent deviation in sizes

  • From very small to very large print runs

  • Quality processing with a screen ruling of 225 lpi

  • Bases in Brussels and Ghent

  • Internal tracking of your orders

  • Assistance with production problems

  • The ability to order and track orders online


Large and small print runs, countless options to choose from

Etiglia can print your labels and packaging in offset for medium and large print runs, or digitally for smaller print runs. We provide a solution for every budget.

When it comes to finishing, we offer countless options for both labels and cardboard packaging. Gold foil, spot varnish, shiny, matt, aluminised paper, white paper (with variations), punched, full colour, pms colours or even colours designed specifically for you… All this with the same aim – to provide a powerful tool to help you sell your product.

Why choose us?

Consistent colour quality

Consistent colour matching

The labels and the packaging around your product are vital to the way consumers will perceive your brand. A difference in colour between two deliveries, for example, is just not acceptable. Nobody wants their customers to think that the product has been gathering dust on the store shelves.

Etiglia doesn’t allow those kinds of errors to happen. We divide our clients into “customer families” to make sure the colour scheme is identical for every single delivery. We make sure your customers don’t ever have to wonder if there’s anything wrong with your product.

Minimum deviation

We guarantee a maximum size deviation of 0.4 mm

Etiglia labels are produced for lines that run at 40,000 bottles per hour. The smallest hitch can lead to a jam. You don’t want that, and we don’t either. That’s why we continually watch over every technical detail. We strive to achieve a maximum deviation of 0.4 millimetres.

We have a whole series of technical measures in place to ensure this. At the same time, we make sure our cutters know exactly how their precision is vitally important to your product.

Technical support

We provide technical advice on-site in case of any production issues

We take it as our mission to be more than a supplier. If you encounter any production problems, we will look into the issue. Together, we think about the best possible solutions, in order to achieve optimum results for you. Thanks to our convenient location, we will be at your production site in no time in case of production issues.

By doing so, we have managed to improve the production speed for customers on more than one occasion. That means you benefit, continuously.


Small improvements, major results

Symeta, print provider for all Colruyt Group business units, benefits from a long-term partnership with Etiglia.

Buyer Frederik De Cremer confirms: “After closing our own printing department, we conducted an extensive prospecting round and a thorough test phase. That led us to choose Etiglia. Our main purpose is always to buy a high-quality product that is easy to process. Since starting our collaboration, we have chosen a new paper type and different glue. The problems we used to encounter with labelling have been solved now. They are small improvements, but they led to major results.”

“We now maintain our rinsing baths as prescribed, without going to any extra effort. Add (wet glue label specialist) Stijn Glorieux’s professional advice and Etiglia is our partner for a countless list of options and possibilities. They are a real one-stop shop. That is a huge plus, as we always factor in continuity. We don’t want to hop from one job to the other. That is why we have chosen a partner who merits our long-term trust.”


SymetaPrint provider Colruyt Group

First-class provider

De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi develops and brews beers for third party brewers. These are mostly start-up breweries with a more or less fixed range, or beer architects who regularly launch new products. Clients design their own labels and send them to Etiglia who prints them. Etiglia made a significant contribution to the optimization of paper quality. The wet glue labels are attached infallibly on wet and dry bottles, by slow printing (between 6,000 and 10,000 bottles per hour) as well as by fast labelling (30,000 bottles per hour). Etiglia is a first-class provider for us, because of the flexibility, efficient service and high quality they keep delivering.

De Proefbrouwerij


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